[#THELIST 2017] Trendkingzblog set to release “ABU’s Top 10 Artists” on 1st May 2017

After the long wait and delay, We at trendkingzblog are set and ready to release our 2nd Edition of The List. The first which was published 1st March 2016 highlighted Top 20 Artistes in ABU, Zaria [CLICK HERE TO SEE]. We promise deliver better this year. This time we brought the countdown down to 10.

Some has made their efforts speak for them others have had both swag influence and efforts do the talking…But as popularly opinionated, the only place with plenty of room for everyone is the floor and as you climb higher the walls get thinner…

So who has successfully made efforts worthy of notice who do you think has made beautiful music in school and impacted the lives of many with their magical tunes??

Who is trending??

From number one down to ten who deserves a spot??

Who are the kings and your top favourite artist in ABU (Ahmadu Bello University)??

TRENDKINGZ BLOG would help you find out who they are and get familiar while you can because you never can tell who the next Jidenna or Wizkid or Davido or Tekno is… *winks*


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