87 comments on “[VOTE] TARABA Independence ‘LAFF’ and ‘Merit Awards’

  1. Somidal has my vote, pls dis award should be based on merit pls,why is the result poll not showing again?????????

    • It doesn’t have to show to the end, we are giving you guys BET standard, its now seen only by the organisers for the event, but I can assure you that this will be the most free and fare award night in taraba. Cheers my name is JABEZ

    • It doesn’t have to display to the end of the event we are giving you guys the best standard, it doesn’t work out like that even at BET awards but we assure you guys of a free and fair award night count on us. Cheers

  2. Pls the result is suppose to be displaying for everybody to see not all this you guys are doing. How will we know if you guys have not manipulated da result. Pls open the poll so everbody see how itsgoing pls

  3. Don Jerry has my vote as the best comedian, please clap for him cux he’s won already though the results for the votes are not showing.
    Please make the polls visual to clear our doubt getting altered with by you guyz (elcom)

  4. Mc Kaycee Baddest comedian…I send my support from Jcity…S/O to all artist and other entertainers…Long live Taraba

  5. I feel this award wont be free and fair,the Admin had promised that the results will be opened yesterday and it was nt,now the whole of today is gone no results for everyone to see who is leading in their categories.naijaa as usual.

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