EVENT REVIEW: Top 5 Moments At L.E.D Entertainments Awards 2016


Friday, 5th August. 2016. Was indeed a galore of stellar and breathtaking performances, justified winners and well deserved recognitions. After an exclusive red carpet pre-hangout and interview sessions which was hosted by VJ. Samjey, the actual show which was tagged “Greatness Awaits You” kicked off a little late at about 9 p.m. at the ‘Kongo Conference Hall, Zaria’. Comedian Alhaji Wuru Wuru did a fine job hosting the event proper.

There was an abundance of highlights during the evening including big wins in award categories. Major awards wins includes; Kwanye as (Face of LED Awards), Kevinwords as (Artiste of the year), Skid-X as (Next Rated Act), Zouwrah as (Best Female Act) and lots other. If you happened to miss any of the must-see moments, never fear, Trendkingz-blog was tuned in and have you covered.


Here are the 5 best and worst moments from the L.E.D Entertainment Awards 2016.

BEST: The event experienced the presence of some respectable individuals everyone was happy to see, this persons were like special guests whose presence spiced up the events, they include DJ Copre, King-D, LASE, President Zik, Genie Heads Group, Faculty DOS’s and lots more

WORST: For whatever reason, Award shows continue to have issues with conveying awards to winners. This time it was for the Best DJ category, where the awards presenter announced the winner to be DJ SOCS instead of DJ THEA-K, who would confuse the name Thea-K for Socs? That really ‘sucks’. Though correction was latter made, the scenario was a bad one.

BEST: The events experienced the best red carpet moments we have ever experienced, especially at the events aftermath were you could see the joy on every ones faces. We saw everyone taking photos with each other even those who didn’t get to win any trophy weren’t left out. It portrayed the satisfaction everyone had with the showdown.

WORST: Events shows that involves performances should have the songs of these performing artistes collected before event proper, and if possible performances rehearsed. Failure to do this left Zouwrah with no option than to freestyle to Jagaban’s instrumental when she collected her Best Female Artiste Award. Her unplanned freestyle which was highly segmented left me and my team at a highly confused state that made us wanna rethink were the votes she had, come from. Well you gotta give it to her as she has done amazingly well in the year of review.

BEST: The event experienced electrifying performances from acts like: Ross, Obizee, Phlexzywest, Kevinwords, Skid-X, L.A.S.E, President Zik, Haseeno-tee, T-Shayne and lots of other wonderful artistes. But as we all know there’s always that one exquisite performance that leaves the whole atmosphere turned-up. This time it came from BHP, the “5hundi” song which features ZIK, ROSS and ABY$ was what we would refer to as a lit.


Being the first of its kind, as LED promised to; they indeed confound everyone’s expectations. Stay dope at what you do as it would surely pay one day, and remember LED is watching. See you at the next edition. For visual moments, follow @trendkingzblog & @LegendaryEngineDecury on Instagram.


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