[VOTE] L.E.D Entertainment Awards 2016


Voting commenced at exactly 5pm, 28th July and would also end at exactly 5pm, 5th August (Event Day)

NOTE: The TRENDKINGZ BLOG is a team of highly skilled personnel’s, we advise that nominees should center their efforts on soliciting votes, and not hacks. We are wiser than you think.

After a COUNTED vote you would be replied with “THANK YOU FOR VOTING” message. Any other message means your vote has initially been counted.

For Tickets & Table Reservations contact L.E.D personnel’s on: 07032849483, 08134661577 #GreatnessAwaitsYou #LEDAwards2016

For Tickets & Table Reservations contact L.E.D personnel’s on: 07032849483, 08134661577 #GreatnessAwaitsYou #LEDAwards2016



6 thoughts on “[VOTE] L.E.D Entertainment Awards 2016

  1. Hello.. I just want to know more about this stuff. If iys just for ABU Zaria students. Thanks i would be looking forward to your reply

    1. Chidera it’s actually a new club that was established on campus. But our aim is to make it wide eventually. It could go nationwide by next month! That’s what’s up!

  2. You guys should have considered DeRap Tradition. The guys are doing amazing, maybe you can still honour them to perform at the event. just saying….. they’re great you can check them out on Facebook @DeRapTradition

  3. u dont nominate a prsn,an act or any group dat u knw his/her Academic Years in skul ar ova.i found some names on ur nomination lists of U11,U10,U09 students respectivly. we are pioneers of dis n dey dnt do dat.d oldest nominated prsn should nva b blow U12 cos I blv dey ar d final year students…..copydat#¿

  4. only dos offering 5yr courses I blv U11 ar d final year student of such category.with exception of dat.. u go bak,fynd out abt ur nominations n mk necessary ammendments…

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