Top 5 Individuals Expected to Get Most Award Nominations at LED Awards 2016


The LED Entertainment Awards is totally centered on entertainment and tagged “Greatness Awaits You“. A medium set to; recognize, appreciate & promote the young talents in the school campuses. Award categories would revolve around areas like; Music, Video, Fashion, Dance, Sports, and other entertainment sectors.

Our blog team has evaluated the campuses entertainment happenings and have set out certain individuals which we reduced to five. These are individuals who on our own opinion has dominated the entertainment scene during the year in review (July2015 – June2016).

NB: This is our own personal opinion at ‘Trendkingz blog’ and we take full responsibility for it, we might be right, we might be wrong.



He is one individual we look too and say “ABU truly got talents”, Kuyet is an outstanding model, stylist and a self-acclaimed blogger. He is expected to top the fashion related section of the award categories.

He is one male model who has created his own unique style. He is a fashion king.



He is an individual we would refer to as a multi-talented individual, an outstanding vocalist, a producer, and graphic designer.

As an artiste he has performed excellently well in the year of review. And has produced many artistes on the campus. He made impacts in a lot of ways, what thrilled us most was the audience he and his crew was able to pull at their show, “The Vogue Music Invasion“.

Remember, T-Shayne made the Number two spot for our top 20 ABU Artistes (Click Here TO CHECK IT OUT)

  • SKID-X


Skid-X making this list should come as a no surprise, as this young and talented rapper also known as “Young Jaga” has overnight become king of the schools street. Archiving this brake through mainly through his “JAGABAN” Cover

We believe his appearance on most public promo shows held in school helped built his name and also known for his great ability to connect with the crowd. We believe has the potential of gaining multiple nominations.



He is expected to make major appearances on major sections of the award categories, these incudes the Sport and Entertainment categories as a dancer and sportsman. He also stands a huge chance of soliciting enough votes to getting awards in categories he gets nominated for due to the fact that he is a popular individual on campus.




He is an undisputed and undoubtable, energetic rapper/stage performer. He often refers himself as “Kong Marley”. He is sure to make the artiste of the year category and also receive other nominations via his songs. He is expected to be one of those artistes to top the musical categories in terms of nominations.

Kevin words was not only hot in the year of review (July2015 – June2016), he was on ‘fayah’. Which is one of the major reasons he claimed the Number 1 spot on out ABU Top 20 Artistes (Click Here TO CHECK IT OUT) He was practically a guest artist in every show around school, in almost every song and on every ones lips. He also has some couple of EP’s to his name.

For more information on the forthcoming LED Entertainment Awards 2016, CLICK HERE!. And also follow Us via LED’s Social Media platforms.

NB: This is our own personal opinion at ‘Trendkingz blog’ and we take full responsibility for it, we might be right, we might be wrong.


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